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Panel discussion on "The Role of Arts in Shaping their Personality"



  • ANITA DAS - Anita is a senior violin and vocal student of Sri Murali Kumar`s Raaga Sudha School of Carnatic Music - Melbourne.
  • NIKITA SANTHOSH - Nikita Santhosh is a talented and accomplished dancer, who grew up in Sydney.
  • KASTHURI SAHATHEVAN - Our youngest panelist and an extremely talented high achiever Kasthuri is a yr 12 student.

Summary: A wonderful evening discussing some key and relevant points with our panelists to help our young and aspiring students who attended across multiple art and dance schools from melbroune to understand the benefits of learning the classical art forms. 
The forum also saw parents and students discuss practice sessions, motivating factors and challenges faced by them and what helped them overcome these.