Global Arts Foundation Victoria aims to increase community participation in multicultural Melbourne life and share the cultural and traditional values among the new generations.

The organisation aims to create an environment that fosters the artistic, intellectual and personal growth for the younger generation across multiple ethnic backgrounds preparing them for successful and productive lives

Aims of the Organisation:

  • To act as a body working to promote Indian fine arts.
  • To work with other communities or Arts Institutions to help generate mutual understanding and respect within the multicultural arts domain
  • To work with students to create awareness of various art forms and promote art appreciation
  • Aim to promote harmony through arts
  • To work with Global artistes to help showcase their talent in Victoria and act as a bridge to assist bring communities together
  • To reach wider audience through its engagements including outer suburbs and Regional Victoria
  • To unitize dance as the vehicle to create awareness and cross-pollinate cultural richness among the diverse communities across Melbourne